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DCI Completes Brave Transformation Into Stunning WGI

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – After years of speculation and persistent rumors, Drum Corps International confirmed over the weekend that is has undergone a brave, stunning transformation into a strong and beautiful WGI. Casting off the shackles of traditional, identifiable uniforms, DCI announced Monday morning that it will live out the rest of its days …

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Blue Devil Puts On Tour Goggles

CONCORD, CA – Sources inside the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps say Samantha Geary, 19, has reportedly put on her 2017 Drum Corps International Tour Goggles for the first time this season. Insiders report the veteran trumpet player has begun showing interest in baritone player Brandon Ackers, who she …

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Madison Scouts Release Details Of Their Show “The Hand of Ma….The Last Man Standing. Yeah. That’s it. The Last Man Standing.”

MADISON, WI – The Madison Scouts released details of their 2017 production “The Hand of Ma…The Last Man Standing. Yeah. That’s it. The Last Man Standing” on social media Monday evening.  In a highly anticipated announcement, the corps gave fans a sneak peek of the post-apocalyptic program on the official …

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Modest Blue Stars Rookie Makes To Day 13 Without Shower

LA CROSSE,WI – Sources confirmed early Monday morning that Blue Stars rookie Matt Cooper, 18, has made it 13 consecutive days without showering. Mortified at the thought of others seeing his twig and berries, the first year mellophone player and never-nude has reportedly avoided cleansing himself nearly two weeks into spring training camp. “He …

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Bluecoats Replace Hornline With 3-Way Yamaha Speakers

CANTON, OH – In an shocking announcement, the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps stated in a press release Wednesday morning their decision to replace the entire brass line with 3-Way Yamaha speakers for the 2017 DCI season. The tech-fueled corps is said to have purchased upwards of 70 Yamaha DSR215 powered speakers to provide ample …

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