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DCI Completes Brave Transformation Into Stunning WGI

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – After years of speculation and persistent rumors, Drum Corps International confirmed over the weekend that is has undergone a brave, stunning transformation into a strong and beautiful WGI. Casting off the shackles of traditional, identifiable uniforms, DCI announced Monday morning that it will live out the rest of its days as a tall and proud Winter Guard International. Rumors and hearsay began swirling nearly a decade ago as DCI tested the waters of its new identity. A crushed velvet quarter sleeve top here. An amplified marimba there. Fans grew ultimately suspicious upon the sudden disappearance of all melodies in 2014.

“The weight of living with this secret was becoming unbearable,” said a relieved Drum Corps International, donning a purple lycra bodysuit.

While many are overjoyed at the announcement, not all fans are ready to embrace Drum Corps’ abrupt change. “You can’t make an announcement like this and just except me to start calling you WGI,” said visibly frustrated Sacramento Freelancers veteran Gerald Peters. “I come from a different generation. I need time to process this.”

Sources close to the organization say DCI is already looking to create more intimate performance environments by hosting shows in high school gymnasiums and mid-size college arenas.

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