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Faux Pas: Cavaliers and Boston Crusaders Purchase Same Box 6 Show

ROSEMONT, IL – In what is being referred to as “an administrative oversight”, The Cavaliers and Boston Crusaders independently announced Wednesday morning plans to perform identical shows purchased through Box Six.

News of the mishap quickly spread following Facebook show title announcements from both groups. The ensembles were left red faced after announcing intentions to perform canned arrangements of “The Muse”, previously performed by Cy-Fair High School.

“Well, this is embarrassing” said Box Six owner Ian Grom. “We try to avoid situations like this, but these things can slip through the cracks from time to time.”

Representatives from both ensembles say they have come to a mutual agreement over when and how the shows will be performed.

“We’ll play the opener and drum break on Mondays, Thursdays and every other Friday” said Cavaliers Director Joe Roach. “Boston will take the ballad, closer and intro the rest of the week and switch after the 4th of July.”

Following their joint statement, sources say both ensembles were unknowingly contacting the same drill writer in hopes of differentiating their product.

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