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Ike Jackson Charged Baggage Fee For Massive Balls

DAYTON, OH – It is reported that following WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio, Ayala High School Percussion Director Ike Jackson has been forced to pay oversized baggage fees to Legend Airlines due to the size of his massive balls. Eye-witnesses at Dayton International Airport say that Jackson engaged in a lengthy, heated discussion with ticket agent Amy Taggert for nearly 30 minutes.

“I tried to give him as many options as I could”, Taggert said. “Due to rising fuel costs, it’s airline policy to charge extra for any baggage item over 60 pounds. His only other option was to purchase an additional seat for his colossal cajones. They are well over the legal limit.”

“The entire interaction was so strange,” said another passenger who witnessed the incident. “Ike had the entire conversation with his back to the ticket counter. I don’t even know what his problem is. He was upgraded to First Class last year!”

Upon paying the additional fee, Jackson was awarded a $50 voucher as compensation. “There. Does that make it better?” Taggert is said to have asked.

A representative for Jackson was not available for comment.

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